No, all your customers didn’t die.

Customer Service survey

Came across a great article about customer service.  You should read the whole thing here: Customer Service is not a joke.  The part that jumped out was the top  reasons on why people stop buying with a particular business:

– 1% die

– 3% move away

– 5% seek alternatives or develop other business interests

– 9% begin doing business with the competition

– 14% are dissatisfied with the product or service

– 68% are upset with the treatment they have received

So by far and away the treatment a customer receives is what influences their decision to purchase your product. (Except possibly in the case of internet providers where they have all agreed to have wonky products and crappy customer service and therefore the purchase decision is more of a “pick your poison”).  What does this have to do with marketing?  Glad you asked as I was on my internet provider rant.  The application to marketing is customer service should always be considered an integral part of overall marketing.  Why?  Becasuse you can not out market the damage poor customer service does to a brand.  If your brand has poor customer service your marketing is starting with a deficit in customer perception that will require major efforts just to bring it back to a neutral view again.  So why not have a customer service check-in for your next marketing meeting.  Improvements in that area will give your brand a boost that even the most clever marketing can’t provide.

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