Updated – Masters of Marketing (Snowboard edition) – Katsuro Taguchi

green clothing

田口勝朗氏は、私の大切な日本の友人の一人です。 にこやかで、気さくな彼は、私が困ったときにいつも助けてくれました。 かれこれ20年以上前の話になりますが、初めて日本の居酒屋に連れて行ってもらった時の ことや、真夜中の東京で一緒に鯉釣りをしたことなど、とても懐かしく思い出されます。 また、彼は私のブログ「マスターズ・オブ・マーケティング」スノーボード編で取り上げた 最初の人物でもあります。彼が立ち上げたグリーン クロージング社が成功をしている理由 を考えてみました。 1.他社との繋がりを大切にしている 2.市場と顧客について良く学んでいる 3.信頼できる人間である 4.顧客との信頼関係を築き、固定客を獲得している 5.魅力的な製品を作っている それらは、どのビジネスにも通ずる事柄なのだと思います。                                                                 ケリー・ロス 2013 Update The world of marketing has changed significantly since I first wrote about Katsuro Taguchi’s Green Clothing back in 2011.  Many people think that “social media” (especially Facebook) is the easiest way to build any business.  This belief often results […]

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Cloudline Tours – Masters of Marketing (Snowboard Edition)

Niseko Hirafu Sidecountry Gate

You can love your business Often businesses are created from something you fall in love with.  It was on J.P. Martin’s first trip to Japan that he discovered the perfect combination of great snowboarding, wonderful people, exotic sights and tasty cuisine. As a pro snowboarder based in Japan (his photo is to the right from […]

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Grassroots Powdersurfers – Masters of Marketing (Snowboard Edition)


Marketing on the Edge For an inventor/entrepreneur to be bold and creative is considered a good trait. However, being bold doesn’t always have to mean attempting to come up with the “next great version” of a product that already exists. For every iPhone there were literally dozens of cell phone failures. So why not nibble […]

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Is Customer Service a Lost Art?


Or has chatting and texting replaced helping the customer? Most people have had a vague deja vu feeling a some point in their life but have you ever had the exact experience actually happen to you exactly 3 years apart? I did, it occurred in the form of a  “customer service black hole”.  Several years […]

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Warren Currie – Masters of Marketing (Snowboard Edition)


Perpetual stoke and the Stickermobile   Definitions: perpetual – Never ending or changing. stoked –  to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something A master marketer is required to create one of the top snowboard shops in all of Canada when faced with challenges like online competition and brand dilution.  To have […]

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