My name is Kelly Ross and this is my blog.   I live in Kelowna, BC with my wife, 3 kids, a dog and a cat.  In my marketing career I have enjoyed marketing throughout a spectrum of businesses from manufacturing and retail to virtual and online. The consumer markets we reached extended to 7 countries on 3 continents.  I was involved in setting up foreign distributors and consulting on their marketing campaigns. I have been instrumental in the creation and management of a extensive variety of marketing collateral, advertising and social media. Presently focused on using permission marketing and social media to build up 3 brands in the Health Care field.

Other randomness:

– Designed over 200 different styles of snowboard outerwear over 9 years. Including all technical features, colours and styles.
– I love sushi
– My formal education consists of a Business Degree and a Law Degree
– I have snowboarded since 1979 (really)
– Created and managed multiple ad campaigns to run in a large circulation international publication
– Espresso and I are best friends
– Oversaw re-branding of a major local non-profit.
– Was the 2nd snowboard instructor ever hired at Whistler
– Our dog’s name means “butt” in German (not on purpose mind you)
– Created and managed 2 international distributed clothing brands with unique identities, designs, manufacturing and promotion
– I was sponsored by Burton Snowboards Japan
– Love to create and give presentations
– Some of my strengths are solution provider, ideation, connectiveness
– I have a weakness for dark, dark, dark (85% +) chocolate